LATE talks: Daniela Sagliaschi a creative mind

Daniela Sagliaschi is an elegant visionary that works in the fashion industry, fascinated by creativity and obsessed by beauty.


LW : Can you describe us your job? 

DS : I basically take care of clients who own shops all over the world.

It is a job that has both positive and negative sides. It is very stressful and intense, a sales campaign can last over 10 days and make you also lose 10 kilos.

On the other side, during a campaign, you meet so many different people getting in touch with diverse and interesting cultures, while experiencing the world of luxury and creativity.

LW : What is fashion for you and where does your passion for fashion start?

DS : Since I was a little girl I used to collect thousands of Vogue magazines and clothes.

I am fascinated by the beauty of everything, thus I am an aesthete.

That is why I want to be part of the fashion world, as fashion for me means creativity and beauty.

However, my opinion nowadays has slightly changed, due to the fact that fashion system is much more projected to the business scene and less to the aesthetic side.

Blue Velvet Set Design - Louboutin

Blue Velvet Set Design – Louboutin

LW : Which are the elements that capture your attention in a collection of a renowned brand?

DS : Innovation is key. What drives my interest towards an established brand is its ability to continuously offer innovative products.

LW : Which are the elements that capture your attention in a collection of an emergent designer?

DS : Creativity is crucial. Emergent designers win over others thanks to their fresh and extravagant ideas. Their passion for creating is so strong that they end up in realizing amazing pieces.

Blue Velvet Set Design - Pitti Florence

Blue Velvet Set Design – Pitti Florence

LW :  How should it be in your opinion the path of an emergent designer?

DS : It all depends from where he/she want to go.

Either you follow what the consumers want in a specific moment in time, by observing what already is on the market trends, or you listen to your creative gut and you create your own path in the fashion business.

Designers should pay more attention to market feedbacks, compared to sales people.  Consumers’ insights are key to success.

LW : How e-commerce has changed our way of shopping?

Shopping online is now everywhere and it’s leading the marketplace. Nowadays, fashion labels sell 30%-40% of total sales through their own websites or online platforms.

However, the most requested items are those ones characterized by big prints, impactful graphics and logos, everything that gives that temporary “wow effect”.

LW : What kind of items is your type of consumer looking for?

DS : Here it mainly depends by geographical areas : Italy is a very price-sensitive market but willing to pay for innovative products, Korea is for smooth, basic and pure apparel,  Russia is the market for luxurious items.

Generally, in every collection comfort and fit are the key-features, especially when talking about very expensive items : this is a great remind to designers.

LW : What is a key element in a designer collection?

DS : I would say elegance. Collections from 20s to 50s were appreciated and still are for their femininity and their enchanting silhouettes.

Women were sophisticated and graceful in their everyday life too.  I think we should bring this femaleness concept back.

LW : What about your favorite accessories?  

DS : I am obsessed by shoes, have almost 80 pairs of shoes but I still can’t find the right one.

I love bags too, mostly with a fun design, i own different kind of bags, like the one from Moschino with the shape of a present, as a receiver or as a candy by Margiela. In general,  bags I like need to have crazy design and shape.

LW : Who’s the most inspiring character or designer?

DS : Since three years I really appreciate Rochas’ style so much, Alessandro Dell’Acqua knows how to create clothing for a sophisticated and ethereal woman.

Anyway, I grew up loving both Thierry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood and Antonio Marras. They are my fashion genius.

Marras, particularly, inspires me everyday in each scenographer work i do and in my lifestyle as well.

He is the visionary mind that i would love to be.

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Antonio Marras - Inspiration 1

Antonio Marras – Inspiration 1

Antonio Marras - Inspiration 2

Antonio Marras – Inspiration 2

Antonio Marras - Inspiration 3

Antonio Marras – Inspiration 3

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