Luca Pagni the asymmetrical research

LATE talks : Luca Pagni, the asymmetrical research

Shapes that will redefine the contemporary Made In Italy eyewear.

“Human face is naturally asymmetrical, this is what makes it unique and fascinating”

Luca Pagni is the eyewear designer that represent today the Made In Italy style innovation, makingwith high quality comfort, handmade pieces crafted from the finest materials.


LW: Hi Luca, could you please describe your brand in three words?

LP:  Research –  Design – Asymmetry


LW:: How did you get into design eyewear?

LP:  The project was born from a mistake! My journey began as eyewear style curator in niche and independent optical stores.
Once a customer who wanted to customize his glasses asked me to make “something special” . Everything is started on that day.
My first intention was to create a particular color of lenses, I ended up melting them.
To get back the situation I had to take action manually, what I’ve got was an imperfect, asymmetric shape.. Surprisingly, the final shape aroused considerable excitement in the customer.

From that moment I realized that there was a possibility of creating a style based on asymmetry, and that’s what I’m doing with my Brand.

LW: What is the process behind designing a collection?

LP:  I do not have a standard process for the creation of new models, I get inspired from the surroundings or i just I walk around watching what people is wearing on the street.
My goal is to offer different spectacles from those currently proposed, and it is what I do.


LW: How and where you source your materials?

LP:  All materials are hand crafted in Italy, steel and acetate.  About the LIMITED EDITIONS.

I constantly search for materials and fine leathers to make products even more exclusive. Tuscany hides the best tanneries.


LW: Which is your favorite pair of glasses and why ?

LP:  My favorite model is “Otto e Mezzo” where I managed to find the right compromise between minimalist design and asymmetry, a line that creates a very elegant model for women.


LW: What was the inspiration behind the shapes and styles of the designs?

LP:  The inspiration of my collection is the asymmetry, so anything that is not artificially created, nature is asymmetrical, the human being is asymmetric, as these things do inspire me.


LW: Why did you choose to put your brand inside the frame ? 

LP:  The brand style is actually my own personal style, that’s why i give it my name.


LW: What does asymmetry means in your life?

LP:  Asymmetry in my life means reality and personality, the imperfection that becomes the added value of each of us.




LW: Why Made In Italy products are making the difference on the market?

LP:  The Made in Italy is founded on Italian craftsmanship, we are the older eyewear manufacturers in the world, and here I find craftsmen capable of putting passion and experience in manual finishes i search for.


LW: How do you see the future of eyewear?

LP:  Large retailers in the eyewear market is taking the upper hand, but customers are always more careful and constantly demanding for more. So many people today want to stand out from the commercial products crowd and prefer to invest in niche product.

In the future, I see a clear division between the commercial market and the nicest ones.

Thanks for your time Luca, we’ll keep on follow you through your Official Facebook Page.

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