Flâner FW17 “Live”, the female collection inspired by Argentina




We are glad to welcome Flâner into our showroom with “Live”, the female collection inspired by Argentina.

Warm colours draw the natural ingredients of the landscape.
Mountains, lain glaciers, forests, blown rivers, clear waters, colourful skies on the body.
Shapes of Argentina, scents of Argentina.
Blended cloths, antithetic materials compose the symphony of a country.
Silk and Alcantara balance and perform a unique, mixed identity.
It’s not mere dressing up. It’s about feelings.
Forceful like motherland, original like its culture.


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IURI: The modern POP accessorises you need!

Concurrently with the micam 2017, latewear present a new brand that combines geometry and minimal touch with a modern twist inspired by architecture: IURI, from the designer Jure Stropnik, use high-quality materials and selected manufacturers as the basis of all his products.


IURI is a unisex total-look fashion brand with an eye on accessories. The fashion house is based in Milan with its creative collaborators between London and Paris and was founded in 2013.


The brand play with color block on most of his creations, the brand’s logo, a triangular “i” shape, cut geometrically every items creating colours and contrasts games.


In his iconic backpack  the laser cut technique carves calfskin creating a made in italy leathercrafted item which represent best the excellence of emerging brands showing up at micam these days.

Follow IURI on his socials and buy his unique creations on latewear.com/accessorises .



Valentina L Fontana AW17: Wearing Caravaggio

Valentina L Fontana, always passionate and attracted by the world of art in all its forms, decides to divert the path of previous studies that had seen her achieve a degree in art history and continuing at the Academy of Brera where he graduated in Fashion Design.


Valentina L Fontana’s Collection AW 2017/18 is inspired by Caravaggio’s painting: Judith and Holofernes. The figure of Judith, who saved his people from the siege of the Assyrian general Holofernes, the representative of the abused female gender.

The designer, in times when feminicides are daily events, took her inspiration by Murakami’s novel 1Q84 capturing the female revenge and putting it on clothes as reminescent prints and patches.


Fragmented or printed on satin the painting enhance many styles of the collection, the contrast of the fabrics chosen, from bright and dull velvets sweaters to shiny satin and tulle, is the distinctive feature of the brand that combine materials in a very stagey look.


The collection is available at LA.TE Showroom in Milan and online on LATEWEAR.COM in b2b section.
Thanks to TERENZI Communications press office for the images.



LATE talks with: Caterina Ercoli, buyer at Antonioli

The meaning of being a fashion buyer.

Fashion buyers, are todays those who set the benchmark in the fashion industry’s trends setting and brands scouting.

Lets find out what lies behind Caterina Ercoli’s role at one of the most influential boutique for high-end fashion worldwide:

L: Hi Caterina, how long since you doing  buyers at Antonioli?
C: 5 years

L: Tell us what’s means being a buyer today and what is his/her role in the industry?
C: A buyer is the final link in the fashion industry. The one who selects, research and buy the collections both seasonal and carry over. The research is the basis of this work weather for multi-brand, flagship or department store.

Antonioli today means a benchmark for innovation and research with a strong identity well known in the international fashion system.

L: What is your background?
C: I got business administration degree in 2007, after which i worked for three years in an italian multi-brand store and in the meantime I attended a master to ied.

L: What’s your typical working-day when you are not traveling as a buyer?
C: i wake up around 6:30/7am. Take a shower. Reply to about 40 emails. Appointments from 9.00 to 21.00. Dinner. Bed.

I try to attend fashion shows but often give up due to very busy schedule of daily buying.

When i’m guest at the shows, i dedicate myself to the pursuit of novelty and i usually attend every shows and presentations.

Fashion weeks parties??….are out of the question!

L: What is the brand ( or the brands ) that most impressed you lately and why?
C: Vetements, Raf Simons, Martine Rose, JWAnderson, Balenciaga, Wales Bonner … They are finally revolutionizing fashion.

I also love what Mike Amiri is doing in, bringing the West-Coast-style to a luxury level.

L: What is meant by fashion today?
C: Fashion is costume, heavily contaminated by influencers, social networks and industry opinion leaders, that most of which are from show biz and music scene.
For next season fw17 were presented the most unthinkable collaborations:
Supreme and LV ( Louis Vuitton ), Martine Rose with Napa (Napapijri ), Burlon with Kappa.

Fashion is heading down in the street but still remain exclusive and accessible to the only few.

L: What’s in your opinion the difference between talent and business:
C: Today we can speak of Business of Fashion. Ttalent must necessarily be supported at all stages of structures that will follow every process, from concept and design through to distribution of the product.

L: What do you think of Made in Italy today?
C: Made in Italy today is only quality, sadly lacking in fashion.

L: What are your style icons?
C: I’m very cross. From Maria Carla Boscono who’s my favorite model, to my favourite Editor Carine Roitfeld.

L: What you should not be missing in your wardrobe?
C: High waist Jeans, lace bodysuit, oversize coat.

Thanks for your time Caterina, we’ll keep on follow you through your instagram.


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LATEWEAR’s made in Italy fashion revolution

The Fashion Revolution Means.

The real fashion revolution is that of Italians Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises who reinvented themselves after big international brands have, from day to day, moved  from their original workshops and ateliers to relocate production to countries where the workforce had very low costs.

Latewear bring back matter to MADE IN ITALY creatives and producers, together players on a single platform of excellence, dedicated to the worldwide audience of consumers both retailers or customers.

The professionalism of experienced hands are connected by LATEWEAR with the designers that find on the platform their own e-store bringing them the opportunity to be exposed in the global market of the fashion industry.

Latewear is the only platform that give new talents the chance to create a collection and sell it directly.

From sketches to boutiques is the new formula that gives way to resume the traditions of the history of Italian fashion, offering  to consumers uniques high-end products, with a click.

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Future Brands: OMAR, Dephormography fw17 collection

Milano Fashion Week Highlights:

The aesthetic value of OMAR’s creations, focused on avant-garde and subversion, determines
an important testimony of how fashion, in spite of collective imagination, gets on well with the
current historical temper, which often tends towards anxiety and uncanniness.

Indifferent to the tradition according to which Fashion is only tailored and anatomical, the
collection transcends the anthropomorphic concept of garment and expresses it with a
deformed and metamorphic identity: exoskeletons and entomological vestments, evoked by
medieval bestiaries and by the famous Kafka’s masterpiece, The Metamorphosis, suggest the
rare feeling of sublime, namely the Medusa’s beauty sung by the Nineteenth Century poets to
express together attraction and disgust, eroticism and horror.ù

OMAR starts from the pattern, a body’s personal biography as well as a two-dimensional icon
and the dematerialized soul of every garment, to build fluid armors of fabric, ravaging on
classic models with cuts and ruptures.

The dress is always conceived as a cover and shelter, which invites to distance and awe not
without references to John Willie chic bindings, or to the more disturbing “mise” of mental
institutions; featured also in the anamorphic accessories, born from the precious collaboration
with Alessandra Marinelli and her Creativity company.

With explicit references to underground culture, everything is black: a refined black, intellectual
and introspective, which affects the shadows and its many nuances, its meanings between
emptiness and fullness.

Thanks to his training at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, OMAR has the
merit to revive the glory of the extraordinary “avant-garde” that there saw its beginnings in the
second half of the Eighties.

Having fully understood the stylistic results of the conceptual “jeune garde” of Belgium, then
every creation is characterized by concepts such as anti-fashion, minimalism, oversized,
androgyny, the decadent charm, the aesthetics of poverty, Derrida’s deconstruction, the postatomic
allure of Japanese origin, the unpretentious air and, at the same time, refined that is
evident in every tailored detail.

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Exports still driving forward Italian fashion

Pitti 91: Exports still driving forward the most important event of the sector.

More than 1,200 brands, more than 25k buyers from all over the world and a constantly growing revenues (+ 0.9% in 2016 according to the sole 24 ore) are some of the numbers that make Pitti the test most anticipated by young brands, established designers and companies in the made in Italy textiles.

The trends indicate a growing interest from foreign buyers for whom made in Italy is still indisputable synonymous with excellence in the world. In 2016, the TOP 10 of the foreign markets saw Germany, Japan and Spain in the top three for influx of buyers, followed of Great Britain, Turkey, Holland, France, China, Switzerland and Belgium.

A strong signal that the fashion vanguard is still a European matter, with the exception of China and Japan confirming their leadership of made in italy importers.

This year, according to Mario Boselli – President CNMI – the international calendar of men’s fashion has been put in order, where shows in the three fashion cities ( Firenze, Milano, Parigi )  will always be on the same days and places facilitating the work of insiders and especially for the non-European buyers traders.

Nothing to do so with the decline, significant, recorded by menswear last year, mainly due to the -9.5% recorded by the US sales and the unstoppable Russia’s bleeding, which last year recorded a decrease of -20 %.

Data to be kept so firmly in mind, especially for those emerging that put their fate in the hands of those who drive the big bandwagon of fashion circus, and no matter if you’ll be winner, because as much as tomorrow, the important thing is just take part of it.

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Shorten the distances between customers and designers

A unique beacon for all those designers that want to state their name in the market, giving to their customer a reliable platform where to find their products, an important step to establish their global identity.

LATEWEAR addressing his offer both to Italian and foreigner designers who want their brand to be labeled as made in Italy gives innovation and new blood in approaching the market. Quality in the offer and reliability for the customer – consumer aren’t anymore optional.

We still believe in professionalizing new or “early-stage” designers, to get them ready not only to run their own businesses but possibly pitch investors down the road and get future investments themselves.

Shorten the distance between boutiques and customers and the finest and
unique collections from the emerging designer worldwide is our mission, giving the chance to the
boutiques and to their customers to buy unique and original collections it can still happen .

New brands can’t forget that once acquired a retail network they must focus themselves in improving their production capacity to suit new clients and supply new orders volume to expand their market.

Milan, one of the four fashion capitals, is strategically making sure that fashion is
business, as Armani started opening his doors to young designers, At LATEWEAR’s headquarter we works to forge a new generation of worthy and talented designers which can continue to
spread and defend what the big brands have built over the last 50 years.

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International Talents: NOT ALLOWED

The emerging fashion industry’s ghetto is tightening.

After 15 years of work in the service of young talents, who would have made – and in few cases did – the future of the international fashion, the ITS competition close down.

The Italians great and noble fashion institutions have not opened their doors in to the rescue of those who have always really supported – and trained to – the “culture of talent” in this country.

It is just smokescreen that surrounds the Italian fashion-industry-ghetto, “a brick wall”, in the words of ITS reported by pambianconews, to which you are in or you are out.

But what is really to be in or out of?

Creativity in fashion today must be accompanied until it grow into a source of income, so that talents can develop their own business, build their own company and see their clothes hanged in their favourites boutiques and worn by people in the world.

Too often contests and presentations looks more like a “favour” to the chosen few or a one shot happening during fashion weeks without a shred of follow-up for the organisers profit only. Having a rail in a 10 thousand square feet pavilion attended from any buyers could not be sold as support or opportunity.

LABLATE and LATEWEAR standing proudly “out of the ghetto”, still support ITS and their ideas and want to continue down the road taken by Barbara Franchin and hers team over a decade ago.

#itsplatform #lablate #latewear #emergingtalent #emergingdesigner #fashiondesigner #madeinitaly #pambianconews #fashion #fashionista

From niche markets to the mass one.

Re-Start from product and production:

Train young designers to build their brand’s identity and settle it in the Italian’s, and abroad, concept stores and boutiques market is crucial. Especially once they end with fashion schools.

A solid Italian stockist list translates into a global awareness which became a bridge to the foreigners and mass markets.

Different types of designers needs different approach and services to grow. And product and production must be ( or go back to being ) on top.

An early stage brand need production reliability first, this allow retailers to buy them without worrying about their actual capacitance to deliver.

LABLATE first and LATEWEAR now,  start not appling any production minimum, this means less risk for the buyers and less supply investment for brands.

Buyers take the advantage to set up directly with the producers, delivery timing, payments and orders configuration.

Retailers side, LA.TE can guarantee the same deal/treatment both to those buyers which buy strictly during the sales campaign and those who can’t afford or just don’t want to have a storehouse and like to buy “ready-to-wear”.

Moreover, to revert the today insane fashion system which impose 6 production seasons to the brands to follow the fashion giants outflow / production rate, LA.TE work on a 9 months base campaign for each collection.

This give a longer life to brand’s collections with an much wider sales window, and a longer and safer buying window to retailers.

Which insane mind decided that a small fashion brand must concentrate its income potential rate on a  40days based sales window as TOP Brands does?

80’s are a way over.

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